Mining & Reclamation

Mining involves rock blasting, materials handling, equipment maintenance, design, scheduling, and budgeting. From starting up new mines to performing reclamation on older mines, Boyd and Company helps you accomplish all of your goals while adhering to the highest safety standards for our crew and yours.

Coal Mining

Coal is used by a variety of industries and is a versatile element. As coal technologies grow, Boyd and Company develops its mining strategies to produce the most effective and efficient mines.

Contract Mining

By contracting out one or more of their mining operations, mining companies can concentrate on their core businesses.

Slurry Line Fusing

Boyd and Company slurry line fusing offers an economic advantage over other forms of transportation. We can help you keep the environment clean and reduce noise with slurry line services.

Mine Reclamation

Damaged mines and underground access can be dangerous for a multitude of reasons. Boyd and Company’s safety crew can assess your property and help you rebuild a valued asset.

Rail Construction

Access to, and into, your mine can be a tricky situation. Rails offer the best infrastructure per cost and has a longevity unlike other modes of transportation. Let Boyd and Company facilitate your conveyance methods.

Location Services

We offer our services everywhere in the contiguous United States. Call or email us for more information.