Oil & Gas

We have constructed multiple facilities and a wide variety of oilfield projects for many of the largest energy companies in the country. Boyd and Company employs experienced and talented personnel capable of working in harsh conditions within strict time frames.

Soil Stabilization and Well Pad Construction

Soil stabilization improves the load bearing capacity of a sub-grade to help you set the heaviest equipment on stable ground. Boyd and Company clears the land and provides all-weather access onto and within project sites.

Plant Construction

Building an entire oil or gas complex can be a daunting task, but Boyd and Company has the experience and manpower to undertake such a feat. We organize and mobilize crews and equipment so the deadlines are met.

Well Construction

Our crews handle all aspects of drilling wells for production. Boyd and Company educates our workers on the hazards and precautions involved in well drilling with the aim of increasing job site safety.

Water Services

Boyd and Company takes pride in its safety record and we want to make sure you have the means to be proud of yours. Well and water services can provide a safety net for your plant and save you money in the long run. Services include: hookup, water trucks, testing, and monitoring.

Well Monitoring

Our crews monitor well conditions and controls to ensure reliability and efficient production. Boyd and Company works to decrease unscheduled outages while optimizing machine performance.

Steel and HDPE Welding

High density polyethylene welding can make work flow faster while saving money at the same time. However, when steel welding is called for, we can make the transition a seamless one. We work on HDPE (2″-36″), Steel (2″-36″), Fiber Glass ( 2″-12″), Flexsteel (2″-8″), and all sizes of flex steel and Fiber Spar pipes.

Vapor Recovery Units

Boyd and Company crews recover vapor with the goal of making it a usable and profitable product. We also work to reduce pollution and noxious emissions.

Location Services

We offer our services everywhere in the contiguous United States. Call or email us for more information.