Pipeline Construction

Pipelines can be a hassle. Permits, utility hazards, and easement disputes can cause delays and added costs. Boyd and Company has constructed thousands of miles of pipeline for the largest energy companies in the country. Our project managers expertly negotiate the stresses of pipeline laying and complete your projects on time.

Steel and HDPE Welding

High density polyethylene welding can make work flow faster while saving money at the same time. However, when steel welding is called for, we can make the transition a seamless one. We work on HDPE (2″-36″), Steel (2″-36″), Fiber Glass ( 2″-12″), Flexsteel (2″-8″), and all sizes of flex steel and Fiber Spar pipes.


Pipelines need to be monitored, especially after they have been operating for a few years. Debris in the pipelines can cause corrosion and other damage. It can also increase costs. Boyd and Company roustabouts examine and correct any issues there may be.

Hot Tapping

We make connections to existing piping, without interrupting tank or pipe operation. Boyd and Company employs highly trained crews to ensure integrity of welds when pipelines are operating at full flow and full pressure.

Emergency Response

Severe climate, weather, or terrestrial conditions can cause damage to any pipeline, above ground or underground. Our 24 hour emergency service can correctly identify required solutions and get your equipment operating again.

Location Services

We offer our services everywhere in the contiguous United States. Call or email us for more information.